Great Ideas Hub

Let us know your ideas, we welcome innovation and we are always ready to apply your ideas and inputs so we can grow together. We will be posting pictures here for our future events so stay tunned and remember if you are having any trouble finding our promotional resources, please get in touch and we will be happy to help!
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Marketing Tools

Resources you need to succeed

A truly Tailored Approach

We provide you, our partners and affiliates alike the resources you need to continuously improve your offer, optimize your efforts and succeed in a changing competitive environment. We provide the latest technology when it comes to tracking your players, cater to you a variety of payment methods to simplify our relationship, a team always available to create marketing materials and customized promotions which suit your individual needs.

Landing Pages and Banners

At FootPartners you will find a wide selection of banner sizes, languages and types to fit your marketing needs. From flash banners to gif, odd sizes to popular choices, we have made sure you have the best items at your disposal to promote our brands and at the end of the day to improve the way your players are submitted to our information. Landing pages and text links are also available from your affiliate back office and in most cases they have sets to match from the banner choices so you can create a seamless journey from visiting player to paying costumer.


Quality Imagery and Leading Designers

An image is worth a thousand words and we all know that an engaging design and intelligent visual artwork make a tremendous difference on how our players perceive the product itself and of course make the decision to be a paying costumer. It’s not all about the packaging but it does help to be able to use our senses to simply figure if this is the right product for us or not and our eyes are the deciders when it comes to online products.

Email Communications and Events

We will provide through our affiliate software a range of more generic mailers with the main promotions featured on our website, but should you need any themed item for a particular event, language or location please do not hesitate to contact us via marketing@footpartners.com or through your affiliate manager. We will keep the party going by adding special prizes like football tickets, concert invitations and even charity events, but we count on you to let us know if anything specific to your territory should be taken into account, we will always try our best to accommodate your requests.