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Should you have additional questions not covered by our FAQ feel free to email us at help@footpartners.com

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate programme enables individuals and companies who own websites, blogs, forums, social media influencers and writers, to monetise their traffic and fans by promoting Footstock.com. You will use tracking links provided by us to refer your users to our pages, once they generate revenue you also earn commission for those players.


How does it work?


If you have a website or operate under social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. you can earn money by being a FootPartners affiliate. Register for the affiliate program and gain access to all our marketing tools to help you promote our one of a kind Footstock.com. Thereafter, you can place our banners and links on your website and social media platforms respectively. More clicks you have on our links means more players, and, eventually, more money for you.

How do I register an affiliate?


Simply sign up using our registration form, click here to register now. After you have filled out your details and registered your account, you will go into our approval process and will be able to access your login shortly after. Once you have added the tracking links, banners, reviews or any other marketing collateral to your website, you can start promoting and start Earning!

What does a 'valid referral' mean?


A ‘valid referral’ is a customer/Player which was sent by your to our website via your affiliate link, and who meets the criteria to play on Footstock.com, namely being over 18 years old and complying with our player terms and conditions. You must also operate under our affiliate terms and conditions whilst promoting Footstock.com website.

I have several websites; do I need to register multiple times?

No, whether you have just one website or a hundred, you only need to register once. We provide simple tools to track multiple websites under one account. Our system allows creating a unique referral link for each of your websites, making it easy for you to check the number of clicks, players sign-ups and your earnings for every site.

Will you accept my website?

We accept the majority of websites; however, your sites will be reviewed to ensures that the contents are considered acceptable and not damaging to our brand. Our affiliate team reserves the right to refuse membership to a site or revoke a site membership at any time if we deem that it contains objectionable contents or images (of a pornographic or racially prejudicial nature, etc).

What is Responsible Gambling?


Most people engage in gambling at some point during their lifetime and the majority of people who do enjoy gambling responsibly as a recreational activity. However, for others, gambling can become a serious addiction that can destroy their lives and hurt the people they care about. Responsible gambling has become a standard in the UK and in many countries around the world to help protect players/customers from developing risk behaviours and becoming problem gamblers.

Can I use FootPartners content on my site and or social media platforms?

Yes. We have content available to our affiliates which can be used to enhance your site/social media platforms and (hopefully) increase the number of players and revenue.

How do I see my commissions?

At FootPartners you will have access to an accurate reporting system that will show you all of the statistics for your campaigns including, clicks, registrations, number of depositing customers, revenue, and commission earned. Using this data you will be able to monitor your progress, see which campaigns or creatives are working better for you and adjust your promotion of our website and product.

Are there any compliance rules?

Yes, in the UK specifically when promoting to UK Players you must adhere to the rules laid out by the relevant governing bodies on gambling and advertising. Footstock.com is licensed and regulated by the UKGC and we have a strict compliance rules we abide by.