Market leading hybrid program for an innovative fantasy football and trading product.
Uncapped CPA & Life Time Profit Share.
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A Top Affiliate Programme

+ Up to £100 CPA + Lifetime PS + Up to 25% Lifetime Profit Share + Uncapped earning potential + No Negative Carryover

A Rapidly Growing Platform

+ Fast growing + Rapid product expansion + Affiliate centric business + Exciting user offers and promos

A Highly Unique Product

+ Totally unique product + Combines fantasy & football trading + High user values and stickiness + Excellent long term user revenues

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The iGaming affiliate world has a vast array of sportsbooks and casino products, but those markets are mature and have a lot of large, skillful affiliates so it’s becoming harder to acquire valuable new players in a very competitive market.


Footstock is a fresh, young company, who really cares about it’s affiliates.


What’s more is that our data shows our product is unique, highly engaging and capable of generating really high user values to a product with an unsaturated market.


The data collected from tens of thousands of users shows that users love our product, stay engaged with it for long periods of time and therefore generate massive new opportunities for our affiliates.

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Footstock Affiliate Offer


Our affiliate commission structure offers a CPA of up to £100 for every player referred to all affiliates, but what makes it a top affiliates offer is the added opportunity to earn a lifetime Profit Share of up to 25% on all referred players.


All affiliates who sign up to our program and are approved will immediately qualify for the standard commission reward of up to £100 per depositing player that they refer to us. This includes no caps and is paid on a monthly basis.



Premium Affiliates


Our Premium Affiliate offer is the cream of the crop, we scoured the iGaming affiliate world and used our decades of affiliated industry experience to try and put together an offer that knocks the rest out of the park and incentivizes you to work with us on our exciting, new product.


Premium Affiliates will still receive up to £100 CPA for each referred depositing player, but on top of that will get a lifetime Profit Share of up to 25% for each player sent to us.



How much can I earn on the Premium Program?


We know that you probably have a million offers from a million iGaming companies all promising you the earth for your time and traffic.


So we’ve put together a program that will mean not only do you get involved in an emerging and exciting new product in it’s early days but that you get a lot more reward for giving us your valuable time instead.


We know we’re asking you to take a risk with us, so we’ve built a program that ensures your risk is met with more reward.



What can I do to get promoted to the Premium Program?

Footstock Affiliate Offer


What are the qualification criteria for the Premium Program?

We look to reward good work by promoting you, if you do something interesting like make great content, have inventive ways of promoting Footstock or drive high numbers of new players you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be watching and we’ll be in touch. We want all of our affiliates to be in the premium program, you just need to give us a good reason.

Can I be on the Premium Program straight away?

Yes, if you have an idea or a proposition we encourage you to contact us via the links on this site and we’ll consider it.

I think I should qualify what do I do?

Feel free to contact your dedicated Affiliate Account Manager at any time and we’ll be happy to consider promoting you.

I want more details on the Premium Program!

If anything isn’t clear, or you would like to know more we encourage you to review the terms on this site, or feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to run you through the finer details by email or on the phone.

How do I qualify for the Premium Affiliate Program?

The Premium Program is by invite only, we will constantly review every single affiliate in our system and actively look for reasons to promote you to the premium program and bring you in to the premier league of affiliate programs.

What is the FootPartners affiliate program?

The FootPartners affiliate programme allows you to make money from promoting Footstock on your website. Every new customer that you refer that goes on to place money on Footstock earns you money.

How does it work?

When you become a FootPartners affiliate you are assigned a unique affiliate ID. Our affiliate software allows us to track every user who registers with Footstock and places money on our product from your site. When you select links and banners from our media library, your relevant ID will be built into the code, allowing us to track all of your customers who click on it.

Can I become an affiliate?

We’re looking for those who have a substantial and engaged audience in an industry related to Footstock. This might be in fantasy football, football trading or traditional gambling, but could involve a wider football audience too. If you own a website, blog or you run a large community (i.e. a Facebook group, Twitter page or Youtube channel) within these sectors, we’d like to hear from you. Please note, we review each application on a case-by-case basis and will make exceptions where we see the potential for a fruitful partnership.

Why would I not be accepted as an affiliate?

Applications are usually rejected for one of two reasons. Firstly, that the brand values of the applicant are inconsistent with Footstock’s. Secondly, that the applicant does not yet have a large or engaged enough audience to be eligible. In both instances, we’d encourage applicants to keep us updated should anything change (i.e. an increase in audience size) and make use of our fantastic refer-a-friend bonus in the meantime.

How much can I earn?

There is no limit to your earnings; it is all up to you. The more high quality traffic you generate, the more profit you can earn.

What does your program pay?

You can receive up to £100 CPA for each depositing user you refer plus up to 25% Profit Share if accepted as a Premium affiliate.

When do I get paid?

Commission payments are made by the 15th of every month for the previous month’s commission. For payments requiring invoicing, the cut off date for invoices is the 10th of the month. Please note that commission payments are subject to minimum payment thresholds of £100 for all payment methods, to the exception of payments into player accounts.

Are there any compliance rules?

Yes, in the UK specifically when promoting to UK Players you must adhere to the rules laid out by the relevant governing bodies on gambling and advertising. is licensed and regulated by the UKGC and we have strict compliance rules we abide by.